The Red Barn Story!

Samuel L. Petrie Owner/Founder

Samuel Petrie Owner/Founder


John Petrie founded his own company (Petrie Electric Service)  in 1975 in the small town of North Manchester Indiana, mostly focusing on servicing the agricultural community, after working a few years for another Electrical contractor.

Over the years he adapted it to add heating and cooling services for the commercial and residential markets in the early 1990’s.

In December of 2000 he had the opportunity to relocate to north central Wisconsin (Owen area) due to some changes with his church and other long time friends who moved to the general area because of cheaper farm land. In 2016 after somewhat completing his home schooling and due to his lack of interest (this was not his parent's first choice!) in general schooling Samuel Petrie (John’s) youngest son chose to start working full time in the family business while also farming part time. In 2010 after his older brother returned to the family business for a few years Samuel, his father, older brother Tim (currently owns North Country Electric Service in Chippewa Falls area) and a full time employee focused on providing top quality Ag, Commercial, Industrial, Residential - Electrical, Heating and Cooling installations and service.

  Samuel founded S.P. Enterprises in 2010 mostly as a sub-contracted labor  company to (Petrie Electric Service) as well as the basis for his small farming operations at the time and rebranded it to Red Barn Electric LLC in July of 2015, after working in the Electrical and HVAC Industries for over 8 years under his father’s guidance full time. He continues to lead the company today with his founding principles of 100% customer satisfaction and affordability for all budgets/needs. Also he involves his family as much his busy schedule allows. We wish to continue to grow and evolve to fit our ever changing clients demands. Just as the Red Barn Electric Company motto states “Your Comfort is our Business” we want completely satisfied clients and to do that we strive to go the extra mile for everyone. 


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We offer full service Electrical, Heating And Cooling services. From service/repairs to installation and maintenance of any or all types of equipment.

Contact us 24/7 365 for any needs you may have.


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New Electrical installs are warrantied for up to 5 years parts and labor, new HVAC installs are warrantied up to 12 years parts and labor.